Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers

NYC Hot Jazz, Blues and Western Swing

Sweet Megg & the Wayfarers EPk

Sweet Megg Photo Credit: Sergio Carrasco

Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers Photo Credit: Scott & Kim 

Sweet Megg & Ryan Photo Credit: Sergio Carrasco 



Sweet Megg and her wayfaring musicians will transport you, not to the past but to a new world of their own making.  The band is lead by the charmingly enigmatic Sweet Megg, who imbues each song with her own concoction of melancholy and euphoria that will delight you, surprise you, and break your heart all at once.  The band seamlessly incorporates elements of New Orleans Swing, Harlem swing, Parisian cabaret, and gut bucket blues into one charming musical performance.  Saxophonist Ryan Weisheit reimagines a world where Sidney Bechet, Lester Young, and Charlie Parker blow side by side.  Together Sweet Megg, Ryan, and all the Wayfarers create a world where jazz is alive and well and living in New York.  

"While staying true to the jazz sound, the band has a vibrant, unique sound of their own. Between Sweet Megg's impressive vocals and the talented band playing instruments such as the trumpet, saxophone, piano and more, you will feel like you are in another era." -  Ashleyan Lopez, AXS


"One look at one of their live gigs, and fun is the operative word. " - Thomas Gerbasi, KO63 Music


"Time is an illusion. Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers sound as though they were plucked from a smoke-filled Prohibition-era speakeasy, rather than recently formed on the New York City music scene. " - Diana Mumford, Monologging