Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers

NYC Hot Jazz, Blues and Western Swing


"While staying true to the jazz sound, the band has a vibrant, unique sound of their own. Between Sweet Megg's impressive vocals and the talented band playing instruments such as the trumpet, saxophone, piano and more, you will feel like you are in another era." - Ashleyan Lopez, AXS

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"One look at one of their live gigs, and fun is the operative word. " - Thomas Gerbasi, KO63 Music

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"Sweet Megg and The Wayfarers bring a sense of whimsy and musical sophistication to any festive or social occasion.  Their timeless sound and style are a complimentary addition to their environment, with or without a stage on which to perform.  They are reasonable with their rates and bring a positive energy that feels as though they are as invested in an event as the hosts.  I look forward to collaborating with Megg and The Wayfarers as often as possible!" - Eamon Rockey, General Manager Betony

"Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers is the perfect band to set the tone for any event – from polished fundraisers to swank dinner affairs, they consistently bring ambiance, a mellow vibe and a smooth sound to the evening. I’ve worked with Megg for at least five events and I’ve been thrilled with their music time and time again. Can’t wait to collaborate with them again soon!" - Moira Sedgewick, No Kid Hungry

"Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers are the real deal.  They live, breathe and embrace the style of early American Jazz with passion and purpose.  They truly listen to our needs and deliver beyond our expectations from logistics to performance." -Dean Vali, President Bounce Music and Entertainment

"Megg and her band performed for our anniversary party !
Their energy and talents are amazing !!
It was a wonderful evening." - Mary & Mark Rose, Performance at the Yale Club

“When jazz was born it was exciting and made us laugh and cry. Jazz should be the most relatable of music because it is pure human improvisation being broadcasted in real time. Our goal with this group is to not recreate the past but to explore it and mix it with the future. I want to use our original music to create that theme.” - Quote from Sweet Megg from interview, The Greenpointers

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"Time is an illusion. Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers sound as though they were plucked from a smoke-filled Prohibition-era speakeasy, rather than recently formed on the New York City music scene. " - Diana Mumford, Monologging

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